BURWEN BOBCAT software for PCs turns your computer into a CD  
player with sound quality exceeding the most expensive available.
Thank you for putting the feeling back in music recordings.  You're making
people very happy and it's just beginning.  I am looking forward to this.
Rob Fraboni

Rob Fraboni, Grammy award winning record producer works with Bob Dylan, Eric
Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Bonnie Rait, The Band, and many other top artists.
Digital recording began in 1976.  The signal in a $50 CD player is the
same as in a $10,000 player and has hardly changed.  BURWEN
BOBCAT is the
first fundamental improvement since 1976.
Mark Levinson, one of the most outspoken critics of digital audio,
convinced Dick Burwen to adapt his new AUDIO SPLENDOR
professional mastering software to a consumer version that makes
recordings sonically natural, non-fatiguing, and usable with digital
audio systems from the most advanced to iPods and cell phones.   
In the opinion of audiophiles, ordinary listeners, engineers, producers,
audio journalists BURWEN BOBCAT is essential to making recorded
music truly enjoyable.  Read
what they have to say.
Buy BURWEN BOBOCAT here as a download.
Do not confuse BURWEN BOBCAT with an equalizer, sound effects
plug-in, up-sampler, or surround gimmick.  It is a process carefully
developed by
Dick Burwen, not with algorithms, but based on a
lifetime of designing
his own sound system, live recording, and
involvement with music.
News for Friends of BURWEN BOBCAT
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Audio reviewer John Mazur lived with BURWEN BOBCAT for 8 months and found
it changed his life.  Read his article,
Setting Sail on a Whole New Ship, in the
November/December 2006, issue 28 of Positive Feedback Online.  
ABC (Int'l) Records in China produces the first BURWEN BOBCAT
processed LP Records.
BURWEN BOBCAT RE plugs into the Windows Media Player, taking
advantage of its music and video library.  Lossless music files play
with higher quality than a CD player.  It enhances sound when
listening, ripping or burning CDs, and high-speed converts files to
MP3s that give your iPod or musical cell phone sound in good
headphones comparable with a $100,000 hi-fi system.  It runs on PCs
having Pentium power or better.