Burwen Bobcat elevates the quality of CD, and MP3
to be equal to or better than analog and SACD.  No
CD player at any price can come close to making this
                          Mark Levinson
Since the first digital recordings in 1976 the industry has produced louder pop music for broadcasting, pounding bass, multichannel effects, and other
gimmicks that make no fundamental improvement.  A significant group of music lovers and recording artists believes the feel of the music is lacking, and
still prefers old fashioned phonograph records and analog tapes.  They complain the sound is strident, thin, without body, incoherent, rough, and missing
ambiance or "air".

Most available program material has moments when the high frequencies are irritating enough to cause the listener to turn the volume down below the
point of maximum enjoyment for the rest of the program - and sometimes to just turn it off.    High frequency irritants can originate from the recording or
transmission process, bit reduction, studio mixing, the musical instruments, microphones, and dry acoustics at recording and playback.

BURWEN BOBCAT TR eliminates these problems via patent pending, nearly inaudible, high frequency reverberation, made possible only recently by the
processing power of new computers.  Combined with subtle tonal balance correction, music becomes more natural, high pitched instruments are smoothed
by the averaging effect, and sharp percussive sounds are clarified by slight stretching.

As a plug-in for the Windows Media Player, BURWEN BOBCAT TR works with the advantages of a hard drive media library where your CDs and DVDs
can be neatly stored without scratches, searched, sorted any way you want, and even carried with you on a notebook computer.  Unlike exotic CD players
which use up-sampling and high quality converters to make the analog signal an accurate replica of the digital signal, BURWEN BOBCAT TR actually
improves the signal.  CD players, with their relatively small processing power, are sonically obsolete.

Although it cannot restore information lost during conversion from CD to MP3 format, the added ambiance information from the high frequency
reverberation produces better sound.  Also the audibility of conversion damage is reduced for BURWEN BOBCAT processed files.  Other available
processors cannot produce this type of sound.

BURWEN BOBCAT TR (true) processing can be applied when ripping CDs to music files, burning CDs for your car, or batch converting music files to
MP3s or WMA lossless for your iPod or cell phone, producing headphone sound comparable with the most expensive hi-fi systems.

Recordings sound quite different from one another.  One from your favorite artist may sound beautiful, another may be shrill and irritating.  With BURWEN
BOBCAT TONE BALANCER that sends new sounds to BURWEN BOBCAT TR, you can readjust the offending sound so it becomes enjoyable.  Using six
tone sliders, LOW, BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, MID HIGH, and HIGH you have complete flexibility over a huge range in dB, adjustable in fine steps of only
0.1 dB.  Unlike graphic equalizers, which produce interacting peaks or dips in the frequency response, have a very limited range, and coarse 1 dB steps,
the BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER produces gradual changes in frequency response, and the dB settings add directly because the controls are
completely independent.  Once you have zeroed in on near perfect balance even with 20 dB boost or attenuation, the final 0.1 dB change in tonal balance
becomes important.  Graphic equalizers are too difficult to set.

Overall, BURWEN BOBCAT reduces fatigue and makes music easy on the ears.  It restores the emotional connection to the music.  You can listen longer
and louder.