BURWEN BOBCAT RE is a plug-in for the Windows Media Player 11.
To assure highest audio quality we recommend playing through a Digital to Analog Converter or
sound card capable of 24 bits.
  • "The sound is very natural and, most important of all, very comfortable to the ears." -
    Simon Mulligan
  • "It takes audio recording to new height" - Eugene Lemay
  • On old recordings, "It makes the quality so much more beautiful." - Geoffrey Fushi
  • "After auditioning Burwen Bobcat Suite, I couldn't listen to my system without it." -  Arnold
  • "The music sounds alive.  I'm totally addicted." - Neale M. Albert
  • "After hearing the comparison, it leaves a feeling of having been tricked all these years." -
    John Masur
  • "At once (on the most basic setting) the speakers sprung to life." - Laurence Curtis Ward
  • "Burwen Bobcat is the most cost-effective and best performance upgrade an audiophile
    could try" - Marvin Roberson
Wider image, a lot of air and
space, a little more body and
extreme low bass.  Makes all
program sources smoother
and more musical with a slight
change in balance of sound

Wider image, extremely rich
and warm bass, less bright
treble, more air and space,  
reduced shrillness.   Brings
singers closer and sounds
cleaner.  Good for old jazz too.

Wider image, enhanced deep
bass, neutral tonal balance,  
some air and space, with
smooth treble. Good on
trombones and brasses.

Extremely wide image, warm,
lots  of air and space, very
brilliant and deep,  Makes Pink
Floyd's alarm clock really ring.

Wide image, lots of air and
space, extended deep bass,
and very smooth.  Good for
large ensembles and jazz

Very wide image,  huge low
bass, brilliant treble, live
sound.  Gives life to old, thin,
dead, sound tracks.
Wider image, reduced treble,
more body and bass, a lot of air
and space.  Use for many types
of recordings having
somewhat strong treble.

Normal image, slightly richer
bass,  more air and space,
reduced shrillness A great help
for screechy vocals and
dominant brass instruments.

Normal image, considerably
more warmth and reduced
treble,  more air and space.  
Makes saxophones and voices
fuller.  You don't have to block
your ears when the brasses

Wider image, warm,  full mid
range,  powerful bass, brilliant,
lots of air and space.  Detailed
high frequencies.  Good on

Normal image, extended bass,
large amount of air and space,
reduced treble, and  very
smooth.  Full orchestral sound
you can listen to very loud.  
Very smooth on jazz.

Wider image, lots of air and
space, full bass, increased
high treble,  Clarifies thin
muffled voices.
Slightly wider image, neutral
tonal balance, more air and
space.  Makes all program
sources smoother and more
musical with little change in
the balance of sound.

Normal image, slightly richer
bass, more air and space,
slightly reduced shrillness.  
Good for high fidelity
recordings that are a little shrill.

Normal image, enhanced deep
bass, neutral tonal balance,
some air and space with
smooth and brassy treble. Very
good for high fidelity

Normal image, rich and warm,  
lots of air and space, smooth
and brilliant. Use this for high
fidelity pop recordings.

Normal image, extended bass,
large amount of air and space,
brilliant, and very smooth.  Use
for many types of recordings.

Normal image, more air and
space, extreme low bass,
increased middle and high
treble.  Brings voices closer
and makes them easier to
understand.  Good on
explosions and music with
strong mid bass.






Burwen Bobcat provides 19 fixed processing selections for simple operation.  The 18 above are
in the Big Bobcat window and a universal
basic bobcat selection appears in the small Basic
Bobcat window.

1.  BURWEN BOBCAT RE works only with the Windows Media Player.

2.  When playing your disc, or music file select the sound you want,
basic, vocal,
jazz, pop, classical, or movies and compare to no bobcat.  Use the sound you like best.

3.  For additional tone adjustment, use the Windows Media Player's Graphic Equalizer
available under View, Enhancements, Graphic Equalizer.  

4.  Compare the sound to
no bobcat which is the same as bypass but 5 dB softer.  The lower
level prevents overload due to extreme low frequency boost.

5.  If you are too busy to think about selections, click Go to Basic Bobcat to go the a small
window with only one processing selection,
basic bobcat.  This selection has very little
low frequency compensation, enabling the same level as

6.  Files previously processed by Burwen Bobcat automatically play in
bypass mode instead
of your selection.  Both your selection and
bypass are highlighted.

In Windows Explorer or My Computer Burwen Bobcat Processed files are identified by a bobcat
icon.  On computers that do not have Burwen software installed the icons will become visible if
you install the BURWEN BOBCAT IDENTIFIER utility, bobcatshell_inst.msi available free at


With BURWEN BOBCAT RE software you can apply BURWEN BOBCAT processing when ripping or
burning files in the Windows Media Player.  You can also make processed 128 kbps MP3s or
losssless WMAs by dragging a folder full of WAV, MP3, or WMA files and dropping them on the
BURWEN BOBCAT window.  See the instructions at  
http://www.burwenbobcat.com/BBRE_Instructions.html .
  • It works with any DAC including your computer's sound card,
  • Save (rip) all your CDs as lossless WMA files on your hard drive.  Processed if you want.
  • Listen via BURWEN BOBCAT.
  • Burn processed CDs for your car.
  • Convert to processed MP3s or WMA lossless for your iPod or cell phone.
  • CD irritation and listening fatigue disappears.  You can listen longer and louder.
  • It makes historical recordings beautiful, natural, and sounding like they were recorded
  • Hear the detail, dynamics, smoothness, and clarity of the music whether loud or soft.
  • BURWEN BOBCAT bridges the gap between highest quality of the past and cell phones and
    iPods today.