ABC (Int'l) Records in China produced the first BURWEN BOBCAT
processed LP Records.
That's right - old fashioned analog LP records - still loved by many audiophiles for the quality of their sound!

Imagine:  analog records improved by digital BURWEN BOBCAT!

These are original fine recordings, beautifully remastered by Mark Levinson using BURWEN BOBCAT.  10 have just been pressed using DMM (direct
metal mastering) technology.  A CD sampler of the 10 records is titled "The Soul of Analog is Back".  When you listen to these recordings you realize
they really do have soul.

Below are the 10 albums and a photo of one of the artists.  Unfortunately
ABC (Int'l) Records has not yet set up North American distribution and their website is all Chinese.  I can't help you to purchase their products.

                                                                                                   Dick Burwen
Yin Cheng-zong
Dear Music Loving Friends,

Digital audio was invented in 1977.  Since then, there has been no improvement to the actual digital audio signal. Although SACD had promise, there were
too many limitations for it to be adopted by the industry in a full way.

My original electronics mentor, Dick Burwen, developed a new technology called Burwen Bobcat.  Burwen Bobcat can be used to elevate the quality of
CD's and even MP3's to a very high standard, which I think is equal to or  better  than the best analog or SACD sources. Burwen Bobcat is computer audio
software that is a plug-in for Windows Media Player (Windows XP).  I have been using Burwen Bobcat for over a year, and I find the results truly amazing.

Recently, my friend Geoffrey Fushi told me about a Chinese company called ABC (Int'l) records. Several months later, I met with Simon Tsui, founder and
producer of ABC (Int'l) Records, in New York.  He showed me his recordings and asked me if I would provide supervision and consultation for re-
mastering them using Burwen Bobcat and my own equipment and ears.

I hope you are happy with the results of my work with Simon’s recordings.  Simon is dedicated to providing music lovers in China with the best possible
quality of music and sound.  I am honored to be a part of his efforts, and request that you appreciate the great work he is doing to bring out recordings of
the highest quality standard.  These recordings that have the Burwen Bobcat logo on them introduce a new level of musical fidelity.

                                                                             Please enjoy them!
                                                                             Best regards,

                                                                             Mark Levinson
DMM (Direct Metal Mastering)

Since 80's, the technology of record cutting has been greatly improved.  The main technical specifications, such as frequency response, signal-to noise
ratio, harmonic and intermodulation distortion, and dynamic range have been enhanced to a high level. To achieve the full advantages of these records,
some hi-end record producers returned to research on production and direct cutting.  All the direct-cut records have special names, such as DIRECT TO
DISC, DIRECT  DISC RECORDING, and DIRECT METAL MASTERING (shortened as DMM).  No matter what the names are, the meaning is the same,
namely direct record cutting.  However, DMM which cuts into copper foil, instead of acetate, is capable of greater accuracy.   In the course of production,
the sound energy is transformed into electric energy and then mechanical energy. The transformation is direct and simple, without recording, replaying, and
remixing.  Every detail of original sound signal is recorded completely and stably, so the sound quality is the best.

Because there is only one master from direct cutting, the quantity of replication is limited.  Once the master is damaged, the production comes to the end.  
Some records are marked with “LIMITED EDITION” or “COLLECTORS EDITION”.  The representative direct cutting companies are SHEFFIELD LAB in
America, DECCA in Britain and TELEFUNKEN in Germany.

Though production of direct cut records produces excellent sound quality, it is highly demanding in terms of equipment and technology; so few companies
get involved in this line. The vinyl record series released by ABC are produced by DMM technology.  Its excellent sound quality proves that good hi-end
records can be perfectly combined with advanced technology.

                                                                       ABC (Intl) Records
                                                                       Block 3, 15/F Richland Tower
                                                                       288 HengFu Road
                                                                       Guangzhou, P.R.C.
                                                                       TeL:  8620-8358-8118
                                                                       Fax:  8620-8358-1588