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Help for better sound at home or on mobile player. Listen to audio or read PDF.Don’t waste your money on on a lot of audio stuff.

A lot of audio equipment sells based on the power of expectation.  Even Dick Burwen has sometimes deceived himself into hearing what is not there.  Some products make real sound improvement and some make imagined improvement.  Many high end products just make a slight difference in frequency response that can be done better with an equalizer.  Beware of two classes of products that just waste your money.

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2 Responses to Sound Improvement – Real, Imagined, or Fraud.mp3

  1. James Fraser says:

    Found your website looking for “sound improvement in mp3″…I’m not an engineer but a lot of your assertions make common sense to me. Some history- in a former life I had the funds to “invest’ in high end audio, today I am disabled, just coming back from a period of being homeless. Especially due to my disability music is important. I now find myself in a position to afford low end audio…for the last two years I have been resorting to internet sourced music and headphones. So I have been exploring low end receivers, with various DAC configurations, that offer improvement to the limited frequencies inherent in the mp3 format….but I really do not know the validity of these assertions.
    So, just interested in your opinions of what may or may not make a difference in the low end of the market…
    Just fyi; I listen to a very eclectic range of music….classical, jazz, world…
    Looking at the “primary” manufacturers of home theatre receivers (seem to offer better DAC’s, and perhaps one day I can afford to add 5.1, video display, etc.)….Onkyo, Denon, H-K…
    Speakers I have considered are the PSB Alpha, Wharfedale Diamond 10.1, the newer Pioneer low end speakers designed by Andrew Jones…

    Any input hugely appreciated. Rgds…jwf2

  2. Richard S. Burwen says:

    All manufacturers of new audio equipment that have DACs have to use 24 bit semiconductor DACs. These are likely to be the same DACs as in newer computers. The improvement over an older computer having a 16-bit sound card (DAC) is very small. Stay with your computer as your music source. What will make the biggest improvement in your sound is equalization and Burwen high frequency reverberation. Use the free equalizer in the Windows Media Player or the BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER (BBTB) if you can afford it. Together with the high frequency reverberation in BURWEN BOBCAT TR (separately or as part of BBTB) you will make a big audible improvement.

    Except for better speakers or headphones selected for smooth response which can be compensated by EQ, all the other equipment advertised for better sound can make only a microscopic improvement.

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