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Help for better sound at home or on mobile player. Listen to audio or read PDF.

Dick Burwen tells you what really works for better audio.

Dick Burwen explains two types of frequency response – smooth and rippled.  Audio electronics, tone controls, and equalizers have smooth response.  What your ear really wants to hear is rippled response produced by reverberation at extreme high frequencies, way above existing real or artificial reverberation.  It makes instruments sound musical and reduces high frequency imperfections in CDs and MP3s.  The trend of the frequency response curve is equally important and should be tuned to within 0.1 decibel.

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  1. So, Is there any plans for some kind of plug-in VST or AU for use on original recordings?

    Or at least a MAC version?

    • Richard S. Burwen says:

      AUDIO SPLENDOR can be used as a DirectX plug-in for audio editors. It also has a high-speed file converter for post-processing. Converting to MAC is a development too big.

      Here is the way I use it. After editing 2-channel tracks, I play them via the included Burwen Player, and adjust the sound while listening in 5-channels. AUDIO SPLENDOR adds ambiance to both rear and front channels. Then I click the Sound button which makes a small preset file containing the entire system setup. Using the file converter which picks up the preset, I process in a batch all the tracks that use the same sound to 88.2 kHz, 32-bit, 6-channel files for my own sound system. The converter makes 1 to 8 track, 24 or 32-bit. WAV or W64 at 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96 kHz, and WMA 24 bit or MP3 files at 128, 256, or 320 kbps, plus WMA lossless.

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