Hi! I’m Dick Burwen

I have been an audio enthusiast ever since ham radio was shut down during World War II.  My home in Lexington, Massachusetts is built around my 20,000 watt hi-fi system.  The photo above shows 3 of my 5 speaker horns which contain 150 tweeters, 5 mid-range horns with dual drivers, 10 16-inch woofers, and 4 24-inch subwoofers.  I started designing my 5-channel system in 1962 and it is almost finished.

After designing electronic circuits as a full-time consultant for 41 years I retired to part consulting in 2002. Equipment for which I designed circuits included: airborne, seaborne, audio, video cable TV, automotive, industrial control, medical, detection, laboratory instruments, function modules, space vehicle, and integrated circuits.  Partial retirement enabled me to work 60 hours/week for more than 8 years at my passion, high-fidelity audio. During that time I developed audio signal processing software to improve the sound of my hi-fi, and incidentally become professional and consumer products. It has 1,400,000 long mathematical equations and now every one of them works.

You can read about my sound system and software at http://www.burwenbobcat.com and at http://www.burwenaudio.com.

Now!  Podcasts by Dick Burwen, MP3 for listening or PDF for reading – HOW TO ACHIEVE HIGH FIDELITY SOUND

1.  Make MP3s Sound Better Than CDs

2.  Frequency Response Is Most Important

3.  Sound Improvement – Real, Imagined, or Fraud?

Look for new podcasts occasionally.

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2 Responses to Hi! I’m Dick Burwen

  1. David Dismukes says:

    Hello Mr.Burwen,
    I doubt if you would remember me but I use to work for your company back in the mid 70’s, Ohmtec/Burwen Labs on Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington. I use to assemble the 1201 Dynamic Noise Filter, among other duties. I worked for Ken Wilson (manager) and worked along side techs Mike Dalterio, Tim Brown and Art Lampson. I’ll never forget the evening you invited a bunch os us over to your home to demo your 20,000 watt home stereo! Listnening to Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon for the first time was incredible!

    Dave Dismukes

    • Richard S. Burwen says:

      Hi Dave,

      Great to hear from you. I am still working the same audio system and it is almost finished. With my new software it sounds better than I ever thought it could.


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