Listening to real music is an emotional experience.  It gives you a thrill and makes you
want to sing, tap your feet, or wave your arms like a conductor.  That is what is missing
in most recordings.  BURWEN BOBCAT software products, designed by Dick Burwen,
bring back the feeling of the music.

Burwen's patented high frequency reverberation, unlike any real room or previous
artificial reverberation, produces thousands of resonant peaks and valleys in the
frequency response extending to 20 kHz.  That is really what makes instruments sound
musical, not flat response, and is half of what you need for a great performance.

The other half is precise individual tonal balancing, to compensate your speaker system
and each recording.  They all sound different and many are screechy and irritating
when played loud.  The combination of tone compensation an
d high frequency
reverberation will make your worst recordings enjoyable and your best really thrilling.

BURWEN BOBCAT TR (True) is digital signal processor software that plugs into the Windows Media
PLayer and offers 2-channel PURE BOBCAT and SMOOTH BOBCAT processing buttons plus
BYPASS.  If its window is open, it will process sound to 2-channel output during listening, ripping,
burning, and file conversion to MP3 or WMA lossless.  Its unique high frequency reverberation makes
recordings musical with only slight change in tone balance.  Batch convert your music library to Bobcat
processed MP3 or WMA lossless files for your mobile player, burn CDs for your car, or listen at home
via Bobcat live processing.

PURE BOBCAT is so subtle, all you hear is the thrill of the music.  
It smooths and makes sound more
musical and less irritating while improving transients, thereby restoring natural sound and the feeling of the

SMOOTH BOBCAT additionally attenuates high frequencies and reduces shrillness.  Its NO SCREECH feature  
automatically attenuates even more in the 3500 Hz region, only during a singer's loudest notes, so the rest of the
music is not muffled.  Simultaneously it boosts the 600 Hz region to make the voice fuller and retain the music
impact.  For example, if you are a Beatles fan, but never enjoy their old songs played loud because the high
frequencies melt your ears, SMOOTH will fix their recordings.

Your speaker system and nearly all the recordings in your library need BURWEN BOBCAT TONE
BALANCER below.  This is an Excel workbook that makes new 2-channel or 5-channel sounds from
2-channel music files.   It calculates 1,400,000 long formulas that produce ambiance in all channels
and improve the frequency response of the entire audio chain.  It sends the new sounds locally or by
remote control to BURWEN BOBCAT TR for listening only.  Unlike a graphic equalizer, its 6 tone
controls produce far superior frequency response curves with a much greater dB range in 0.1 dB
steps. You have a choice of 3 different high frequency reverberation characteristics.  It will make your
speaker system sound a lot more expensive and all your recordings enjoyable.
Click the HOME button to go to our Home page for information on both products and a link to a high
quality symphonic Demonstration that works on computers but not on cell phones.  The demo above
only compares processed and unprocessed MP3s, so it will work on cell phones.  The symphonic
Demonstration has 3 player demonstrations,  Two show the capability of  the BURWEN BOBCAT
TONE BALANCER.   The third for BURWEN BOBCAT TR actually compares a processed MP3 with
an unprocessed WMA lossless file which is equivalent to 44.1 kHz, 16-bit WAV.
Dick Burwen compares BURWEN BOBCAT TR processed jazz recording with the original.  128 kbps MP3
Make your cell phone music enjoyable.  Download BURWEN BOBCAT TR now.
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