Thank you for putting the feeling back in music recordings.  You're making people very happy and it's just beginning.  

Rob Fraboni, Grammy award winning record producer works with Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Bonnie Rait, The Band,
and many other top artists.
and get better sound from advanced technology.

The most important audible difference between expensive and moderately priced equipment is in frequency response, often
in only tenths of a dB.  
 BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER software can not only match equipment in 0.1 dB steps, but
has a huge range of tone control that can greatly improve any recording and speaker combination and extend the frequency
range.  Equally important is its patented high frequency reverberation that creates thousands of peaks and valleys in the
frequency response for smoother, more musical sound, without any hollow effect.  I discovered this is what your ears really
want to hear, not flat response.

Yes.  You heard a real improvement in sound.  What listeners do not realize, however, is that most comparison tests are
uncontrolled.  All you have to do is move your head a few inches to hear quite a different sound from your speakers.  Due to
differences in time delay from two speakers, and sound reflections from objects and surfaces of your room, the additions and
subtractions of all the sounds produce a different frequency response at every point in your room.  So the difference in sound
you hear is really due to a change in your position or that of another person or object, not the components.  This accounts for
a lot of sales of very expensive preamplifiers, DACs, cables, and tweaks.

Move your head until you begin to hear a change in sound from your speakers on various music tracks.  Only a few inches?

Listen from the same position, exact within 1 inch, to replacement of your equipment, cable, or tweak by its conventional
counterpart.  Has the audible difference disappeared?

There are big differences in sound between cheap and expensive speakers and headphones.  What is very disturbing is the
wide range of differences among expensive speakers and among expensive headphones.  Paying more may not buy better
sound.  Speakers and headphones may deviate from flat response more than 10 dB,  I found that your ears are sensitive to
the general trend of the frequency response within only 0.1 dB in a well balanced system.  To get the best sound possible
from your speakers or headphones it requires both precise EQ and high frequency reverberation

Using my
AUDIO SPLENDOR for remastering, I was able to get sound from an iPod Shuffle feeding a $16 pair of
headphones that was better than the sound from $200 headphones I own, fed from a very high quality DAC.  

                                                                                                                                                     Dick Burwen