“I now feel about my CD and MP3 collection the way I used to feel about my vinyl record collection.”

Rob Fraboni, Grammy award winning record producer works with Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Bonnie Rait, The Band,
and many other top artists.

“I can’t even think of listening to music without it.”
Charles Gravel

Bob Sherin
BURWEN BOBCAT processed MP3s compared to high resolution files

"No contest. The BOBCAT file murders the high resolution file!  There is more ambiance, air and space around each note, it sounds
analog and the music has come to life and is more thrilling. There is no harshness at all, and the music has all the emotions of a live
performance. This processing really does work."
Ali Rashid
BURWEN BOBCAT TR, BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER, and AUDIO SPLENDOR are no longer available for download.  In
recent years the market for these products has shrunk to where it is no longer worthwhile offering Burwen products for sale.  I can still
help existing customers with any problems.

In 2002 the advent of the Pentium 2 computer made available enough processing power for high quality reverberation specialized for
high frequencies.  My goal in developing professional AUDIO SPLENDOR was to improve the sound of my own 20,000 watt home hi-fi
system and incidentally to make software for recording studios.

During development I sent sample music tracks to Mark Levinson who persuaded me to also develop consumer versions of AUDIO
SPLENDOR for licensing to major companies.  BURWEN BOBCAT RE was made available for downloading at this website.  LG in
Korea licensed BOBCAT MOBILE and built it into four different cell phone models. However LG failed to advertize their superior cell
phone sound and sold only 1,500,000 units. Over many years licensing and download sales of BURWEN BOBCAT RE, and the more
recent products, did not total enough to be called a real success.

For my own sound system however, I feel that my eight years of software development at 60 hours per week, making every one of
1,400,000 long mathematic formulas work, has achieved monumental success.  It sounds better then I imagined and was worth every
minute.  I use it many hours every day while listening, and permanent remastering of my nearly 40 years of concert recordings.

If you are curious about high quality audio, browse this saved website,
www.burwenbobcat.com, which describes in detail and
demonstrates recent consumer products, BURWEN BOBCAT TR and BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER.  My blog at
http://burwenbobcat.com/wordpress/ includes voice and text podcasts on frequency response, which I believe is the most important
characteristic of an audio system.  It also tells how to overcome the fundamental flaw in comparison testing, which is the basis of many
high-end audio components, cables, and tweaks.  AUDIO SPLENDOR, my biography, and my audio system are all at
www.burwenaudio.com.  Read how “High Frequency Reverberation for finer sound reproduction” works, by Richard S. Burwen in the
book “Linear Audio – Volume 5”, available at
Dick Burwen